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ST1100 Maintenance Tips


If you're going to work on your ST, you need a good service manual. I use the Honda Service Manual as well as the Haynes Service and Repair Manual. You can purchase the Honda manual from Helm in their do-it-yourself section under part number 61MAJ00Z. Helm also carries the Honda Common Service Manual, part number 61CM001, for use in conjuction with the model-specific Service Manuals. You can search the web for it and possibly find a web site that has posted a pdf of it or someone selling a CD of it on eBay. The Haynes manual that I have covers model years 1990-1997 and is ISBN: 185960384X. Haynes later released a version covering model years 1990-2001 (ISBN: 1859607527). Another good manual is available from Clymer, ISBN: 0892877987. A Google or Froogle search will turn up sources for the Haynes or Clymer manuals. Manuals frequently turn up on eBay, too. Search there for "ST1100" and for "ST 1100".

If you are a member of Honda Rider's Club of America, you can access the Common Service Manual and your choice of one Honda Service Manual via their website. (Thanks to Rick Hardy for this info.)

While we're on the subject of manuals, the 1996 ST1100 Owner's Manual is available on-line here. It's nothing like a service manual, but has useful information nontheless. Farther down on the same page is a link to download the Owner's Manual to your computer.

But even well-written manuals are sometimes lacking in finer details of trouble-shooting and repair procedures. Hints from someone who has actually experienced fixing their bike can be really helpful. Knowing this, I've put together this compilation of maintenance tips for common questions regarding the ST1100. It is intended to supplement the information in your shop manuals. BTW, the date of the latest update is indicated for each tip.

Engine & Drive Train

  1. Carburetor Draining (Part of prepping your bike for storage.) [Nov. 24, 2004]
  2. Carb Sync with an STE Synchrometer (You're gonna' have to know right from left.) [Feb. 7, 2014]
  3. Coolant Leak Under the Carbs (Essence d'antifreeze, or a tiny puddle under your ST) [Oct. 22, 2007]
  4. Cooling Fan Noise (What the heck is making that racket?) [Jul. 9, 2001]
  5. Cooling System Pressure Test (You can do this without a lot of tools.) [Feb. 24, 2009]
  6. Changing Cooling System Hoses and the Timing Belt (This is often done together.) [Jan. 30, 2014]
  7. Fuel valve repair (How to install the K & L kit.) [Feb. 20, 2004]
  8. Help - my bike's a slug! (Carb diaphragm failure.) [Dec. 27, 2007]
  9. Help - my bike's a slug! v. 2.0 (K&N air filter.) [Jan. 30, 2012]
  10. High Coolant Temperature (But there's plenty of coolant in the overflow bottle.) [Aug. 13, 2006]
  11. Intermittent Misfire One of the toughest problems to diagnose. [Aug. 2, 2005]
  12. Oil Change Tips (Makes the job a little easier.) [Dec. 12, 2008]
  13. Oil Filters (What can I use?) [Jul. 22, 2004]
  14. Radiator Drain Job (Don't worry about those block drain plugs.) [Oct. 30, 2006]
  15. Rear wheel O-rings (Where is that 3rd one? And what kind of lube & where?) [October 19, 2011]
  16. Rear wheel won't fit? (Probably that pesky distance collar.) [June 26, 2005]
  17. Shifter Tune-Up (Missing shifts? Maybe this'll help.) [Mar. 28, 2004]
  18. Seizure (Your engine won't rotate? Maybe it's not as bad as you fear.) [Apr. 30, 2010]
  19. Sub Air Filter (What is it and should I care?) [Dec. 20, 2007]
  20. Swingarm R&R (It's not that big a job.) [Dec. 5, 2002]
  21. Valve Adjustment (Tips to facilitate the service manual procedure.) [Jan. 8, 2013]


  1. Brake Relining Tips (Improve the caliper operation.) [Feb. 9, 2004]
  2. Bleeding and Flushing Brakes and Clutch (You need to do this every year or two.) [Mar. 9, 2001]
  3. Dings in your Forks? (Maybe you can salvage them.) [Jun. 4, 2002]
  4. Making a mess changing fork oil? (This part might help.) [Oct 22, 2007]
  5. Suspect a problem with the fuel pump? (Try these suggestions.) [Jul. 17, 2004]
  6. Steering Head Bearing Replacement (Get rid of those old clunkers.) [Feb. 10, 2014]
  7. Tapered Steering Head Bearing Adjustment (This is a bit of a mystery to many.) [Jul. 9, 2004]
  8. Wheel Balancing (Easy when you know how.) [Feb. 2, 2004]


  1. 28 Amp. Alternator Checkup (I'm getting 12 volts, is that OK?) [Jan. 23, 2004]
  2. 40 Amp. Alternator Installation (Cheaper and better than the 28-amp. model on your pre-1996 ST.) [Jan. 30, 2014]
  3. Bank Angle Sensor (Why'd my bike quit?) [Jul. 9, 2001]
  4. Electrical Loads for a '91 ST (Can I add those driving lights?) [Jul. 9, 2001]
  5. Fuel Light Malfunction (Is your fuel light ON when it's supposed to be OFF, or vice versa?) [Apr. 14, 2003]
  6. Headlights Inoperative (Yikes, it suddenly got dark!) [Dec. 26, 2002]
  7. Ignition Switch Tune-Up (You don't want road-side down-time!) [Jul. 13, 2006]


  1. (Gas cap hard to open? This will cure the problem!) [Jul. 2, 2002]
  2. (Grab Bar Bracket) (Is your trunk starting to sag?) [Dec. 12, 2001]
  3. (Fix your broken mirror!) (Save a few $$.) [Jul. 9, 2001]
  4. (Fix your broken plastic!) (Save a lot of $$$.) [Feb. 10, 2014]
  5. Touch-up Paint (Keep that ST lookin' good.) [Feb. 10, 2014]
  6. Windshield Restoration (Make that stock windshield look new again.) [Dec. 12, 2008]

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