PAIR Removal 2/15/2004
Start here to see how to remove the carbs.

Here's what you'll find on a '91 under the rubber heat shield.

The vacuum lines from the two left intake manifolds "T" into a line to the PAIR
system. You won't need this line after removing the system. You can remove the
"T" and just cap off the two lines. You'll need them for syncing your carbs.

First component removed. I actually cut the hoses with a hobby
saw to separate the parts.

You'll need to remove the cooling hose connected to the right head to
get to the bolts securing the second valve assembly..

You can see the bolt under the housing. This is why it must be removed. This  is a
good time to replace the O-ring between the housing and the head. This is the
source of many coolant leaks on ST's.

Everything removed. Evidence of coolant leakage.

Here are the parts you remove. See the large hose at the top of this picture? That
connects to the aluminum air box at the top of the carb assembly. You'll need to
block it off with a cap or a plugged piece of tubing.

The entire PAIR system removed and the cooling hoses are reconnected. Nice clean
look and far fewer locations for potential vacuum leakage!

What the engine looks like with the PAIR chrome pipes removed. I bought my block off plates here,
(BOP-1), but they don't seem to have them anymore. They are for a Suzuki GSXR750, but they
work great on the ST. These look to be a possibility.

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