Quartet Harness Installation 7/3/2004

Honda Part Number 08A30-MCS-100

Remove the left mirror cover.

Remove the left tip over wing cover.

Lower cowl and inner cowls must be removed.

Remove the left side panel.

Here's the bundle which contains the connection point.

The Quartet Harness.

Quartet Harness plugged in.

The Quartet Harness strapped in place.

All buttoned up and ready to Go Ride!

The Quartet Harness provides power to for the Honda Line heated grips and other accessories.

Quartet Harness:

Hondaline Power Outlet Connector 
Red 3-pin connector: 
Lt_green/black=12V on Acc only

Not sure what this is for?? 
Black 3-pin connector:
Lt_green/black=12V on Acc only
Red/green=12V always on

Hondaline Heated Grip Connector 
White 3-pin connector:
Red/black=12V "On" (ig. switch) only, no Acc

I used the ground and red/green wire from this for my always on power outlet 
White 9-pin connector:
red/green=12V always on
red/black=12V "On" (ig switch) only
Lt blue= right blinker
Orange= left blinker

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