Rattlesnake Pass - Clarkston to Enterprise Oregon (DH18) (5/10/2007)

If you're heading to WeSTOC from the east, and riding over Lolo Pass, you should
consider riding a little out of your way and checking out this road!

Text below from Rider Magazine - June 2007

Anyone looking on a map will mistakenly think this is a straight, rural road running
along the Idaho border. This arid, hilly countryside holds some of the mightiest
roads in the whole of the Pacific Northwest. You are truly out in the wilderness
with this ride; far from any services or motorcycle repair place.

Looking down into the Grande Ronde River Canyon, its snaky traffic-free highway
may make you want to turn your bike around and do it again. Watch for some rocks
on the roads as they skirt steep cliffs and rocky hills. When veterans of this road
speak of Rattlesnake, they think of the black sapphire roads cutting through the
Grande Ronde River Canyon as well as the pass a few miles later.

NOTE: If you have the time, take the road through Hell's Canyon on down to Oxbow
along the Snake River! See map below.

Click here to download the Garmin Mapsource file for this ride.