N/Line’s FJR Dash/Shelf

NLine's FJR DashShelfNice piece of work!

IMG_20160417_110601Test fitting the shelf.

IMG_20160417_110913Decided it would be easiest to install the struts first, then attach the shelf.

IMG_20160417_113221Trying to figure out where to drill the hole for the front bolt.

IMG_20160417_113919I drew a line right up the middle of the Yamaha logo, put the screen full up, then moved the shelf forward until it hit the windshield mount bracket. Then I backed it off about an 1/8″.

IMG_20160417_114826The back washer and nut are a bit tricky to get installed. I use an angled, ratchet wrench to hold the bolt.

IMG_20160417_114832IMG_20160417_115746IMG_20160417_120405Test locating the devices I plan to mount on the shelf.

IMG_20160512_204510Final layout.


Produced by Scott Cathey

Installation tip: Be sure and put a little Loc-Tite on the bolts and screws when mounting your shelf! I managed to loose one on a recent trip on some bumpy roads in Northern California. Scott kindly sent me replacement parts. Always nice to have excellent customer service and support when purchasing farkles for your bike!

Installation Instructions

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